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Follow App helps B2B event attendees maximize their time and successfully connect in seconds to grow their business through your events.

Customize Branding

Create an app for your organization

Increase Member engagement

Develop stronger networks and empower members to grow their business through your events

Extend the life of your event connect during and after the event


Out with the old business card, in with the new way. Not to mention, did you forget your business cards or run out? Not a problem with Follow. This is exactly what I am looking for during our next event. Our corporation will make the move to this platform.

IsleseayouApp Store Review

This app is incredibly simple to use yet it’s very powerful and efficient! This is THE way to carry everyone you know in your pocket in a VERY ORGANIZED way.

Joel PhilhoursYouTube Review

Great App Love it

Bryan WatsonPlay Store Review



The Follow App has been a very useful tool for our networking events, especially our larger events because it was a means to remain contactless but still network and exchange contact information. Many elected to use the app instead of handing out costly and possibly germy business cards. We believe the FOLLOW APP is a game changer in our new arena of in person connecting to create commerce. We will continue to use the FOLLOW APP as a key component of networking during our events.

Debbie KingExecutive Director, Southaven Chamber of Commerce

Follow app is amazing!  I wish everyone would jump on board!  I love going places and automatically having all their contact info sorted by industry.

Melissa SmithEnMotion Promotion

Meet your B2B event networking assistant.

Quickly share your contact info

With a simple click, quickly share all your contact information with clickable links via text message.

Never miss a connection opportunity

Find contacts allows you to quickly connect with nearby people looking to grow their business.

Follow App Find Contacts Nearby

Find industry contacts in a snap

Contacts are stored by industry and sorted for easy navigation.

Unlock stealth mode

Need a break from being found? Disable it at any time.

Get the B2B event networking assistant for busy professionals

No one has time to talk to everyone at an event —
stop missing out on valuable contacts.


Based on active members, events throughout the year, and how you plan on utilizing your app to benefit your members. 


Branded to your specifications. Your app designed to help member retention and engagement.

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Deploy Follow App at your next event and help business professionals connect to those frequently missed opportunities. No one has time to talk to everyone at an event — don’t make your attendees miss out on valuable opportunities.

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